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Design Concepts for GL2

  • Wednesday, February 20 2002 @ 03:10 pm EST
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I've drawn up a dummy of an example story/article for GL v2. It's only a model, it's very OSXish (another skin I'm playing with) but it does give a feel for what is possible. It is quite 'busy' .. in that there is alot on the screen, but it's more a show of what is viable with a unified content thread and data model. Anyway, just Read more to see the graphic.

Here it is ...

The area called Status could also show that it's an 'Announcement', or 'Article', or 'News Release' etc. Next to the rating could be flags for 'Thumbs Up' or 'Thumbs Down' (Anon Rating), Scored Rating (from members), Insightful-Funny-OffTopic (slashdot type flags), etc.

The linked things under the article include a download, comments on download, poll, calendar, discussion area, and a link to the outside world.

What are your ideas? Like or dislike? How would you do things differently?