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Welcome to Geeklog Monday, November 30 2015 @ 02:56 AM EST

Site Upgraded to 1.3!

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No, 1.3 is not out yet but we are very close. Upgrading this site will allow us to test the system under a decent load to see if any unusual bugs surface. For the most part the upgrade went well. There were a few problems, however, that I will explain if you click 'read more'... First problem with the upgrade was the fact that the SourceForge servers don't let the webserver user execute commands on the file system. Probably a good things.

That meant I had to hack the installation script a bit to get the database upgraded. Not too bad but not something everybody can do obviously. I'll have to figure a better way around that.

Next problem occurred during the install program. The upgrade procedure will create a new admin user, NewAdmin, with sufficient rights to administer the site. Well you have to have records in the userindex, userprefs and usercomment tables for that user or else the session code will bomb.

After that it was just a matter of changing the blocks to be in the right order and life was good! We'll be formatting the site a bit over the next few days to make it a bit purtier but other than that I'm pretty happy!

What do you think?

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  • Old Theme Coming!
  • Authored by:Tony on Friday, December 14 2001 @ 07:05 AM EST
Mark Limburg is busy getting the them many of you like so much into 1.3 form (and, yes, it will work in Netscape).

Just an FYI
  • I need some help.....
  • Authored by:Anonymous on Monday, December 17 2001 @ 11:08 PM EST
I am on a old version of geeklog.....

my site is on like 1.2 or maybe even the beta before that....

How cn I upgrade smoothly....?

let me know....if anyone has any ideas to help me...

thanks -

matt riedl
  • I need some help.....
  • Authored by:Tony on Tuesday, December 18 2001 @ 06:28 AM EST
If you are on a beta then you might have some trouble upgrading. Find out what verison of Geeklog you are running for sure. If you are on a production release of 1.2.x you will need to manually upgrade the database to 1.2.5-1 with the scripts in the sql/updates directory. Once your database is in 1.2.5-1 format then you can simply run the installation script to upgrade your system.
  • It\'s time!
  • Authored by:Anonymous on Friday, December 14 2001 @ 07:57 AM EST
Congratulations, I can't wait the final release!!!
What are you waiting for?
  • It\'s time!
  • Authored by:Tony on Friday, December 14 2001 @ 08:29 AM EST
Well the main reason now is I need to fine tune how the installation works in light of some problems I had with installing the 1.3 version on this site. Similarly, I need to fix how plugin installations work but those can wait until we get 1.3 out.
  • geeklog 1.3 eminent release
  • Authored by:Anonymous on Sunday, December 16 2001 @ 02:36 AM EST
Are we really within days of the release?! Bravo
  • geeklog 1.3 eminent release
  • Authored by:Tony on Sunday, December 16 2001 @ 09:39 AM EST
Yeah, we are. I was hoping this weekend but it\'s looking like Monday is more realistic.
  • Error on poll page
  • Authored by:calimus on Monday, December 17 2001 @ 10:40 AM EST
Hey, I\'ll submit it to the list, but I wanted to let someone know that there is an error on the poll display page.

*** sql = SELECT COUNT(*) FROM groups WHERE grp_name = \'Root\' ***
*** sql = SELECT COUNT(*) FROM groups WHERE grp_name = \'Root\' ***
*** sql = SELECT COUNT(*) FROM groups WHERE grp_name = \'Root\' ***
*** sql = SELECT COUNT(*) FROM groups WHERE grp_name = \'Root\' ***
*** sql = SELECT COUNT(*) FROM groups WHERE grp_name = \'Root\' ***
*** sql = SELECT COUNT(*) FROM comments WHERE sid = \'plugins12062001\' ***
*** sql = SELECT COUNT(*) FROM comments WHERE sid = \'plugins12062001\' ***
  • Not errors but debug messages
  • Authored by:Tony on Monday, December 17 2001 @ 02:14 PM EST
Damn debug messages!