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Were not dead yet!

  • Sunday, October 14 2001 @ 07:04 am EDT
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Geeklog Well, things have been a little quiet around here for the past few weeks or so and you might be wondering whats up.

Well, just to let you know, Geeklog 1.3 is going well. Development is now at full pace on getting a beta out this week, with release soon after that. So what can you expect from Geeklog 1.3?

  • Plugin's - Geeklog 1.3 will have an easy to use API for plugin development. These allow you to write new functions and features for a geeklog site without needing to modify the core code. Plugins include
    • phpBB Messages
    • Photo Album
    • Static Pages
    • Book Reviews
    • Journal Plugin
  • New Database Abstraction system - Geeklog has always run on MySQL only, and this can limit people using as their weblog of choice. After 1.3's release, this will no longer be a problem with the new database system. All popular databases will be supported, with the ability for users to write their own libraries for other databases.
  • New Security System - Geeklog 1.3 will have a compleatly re-written Security system, that is very unix like with seperation of users and groups. You can already test an easlier version here.
  • Theme System - A new theme system will be in place. It will be database driven, and allow users to select their own theme from the ones installed.
  • Cleaner Code - The code base have been seriously cleaned up, and is now much faster.
  • GLML - In Geeklog 1.3, we aim to get rid of the HTML Formatted post mode. All stories will be plain text, but will allow the use of the Geeklog Markup Language. This is an extendable set of commands that allow you to keep stories HTML 4.01 and CSS 1 compatable. More details on this soon.
  • Updated Censorship system - The old censorship system has been replaces with a general overall Word Replacement system, that is extendable so you can replace ANY word.
  • More forigen language support - Users will be able to choose what language they the main Geeklog interface to appear in, from the installed languages on a Geeklog site. Geeklog 1.3 will ship with languages such as English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch and Norwegen.
There is of course the usual round of bug fixes, and updates to smaller features If you have any comments or suggestions about the new additions, then comment on them in this post.