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A few of us developers went around today after a search on Google for "Powered by: Geeklog" and a few other strings that point us to geeklog installs, and were checking security. I must say: MANY OF YOU ARE WAY INSECURE.

I thought I'd try to help out, so to do that, I've made a new phpblock for you, getBent(), that will tell you if your site is grossly insecure. It only checks the default Admin/password combination and it sees if /admin/install/install.php is executable from the web. Both of these are bad things that could kill your site.

    How to get things done:
  • Copy and paste the code below into your lib-custom.php
  • Create a new phpblock, that points to that function, make its group "Root" and remove R permissions from All users and Anonymous.
  • Pick a side and ordering for your box, hit submit, and go look at your homepage. If It says anything but your system is secure, you have problems. If you need help fixing it, go here:
    • #geeklog on irc.openprojects.net
    • Read your INSTALL file
    • write us geeklog-devel@lists.sourceforge.net

Below is the code you want to put in your lib-custom.php

* Get Bent()
* Php function to tell you how if your site is grossly insecure
function phpblock_getBent()
        global $_CONF;
        $secure = true;

        $retval = '';

        $secure_msg  = 'Could not find any gross insecurities in your site.  Do not take this ';
        $secure_msg .= 'as meaning your site is 100% secure, as no site ever is.  I can only ';
        $secure_msg .= 'check things that should be blatantly obvious';

        $insecure_msg = '';

        $file = $_CONF['path_html'] . 'admin/install/install.php';

        if ( $decperms = @fileperms($file) ) {
                $octalperms = sprintf("%o",$decperms);
                $perms = substr($octalperms,3);
                if ( $perms > 774 ) {
                        $insecure_msg .= '
We were able to access: ' . $_CONF['path_html'] .''; $insecure_msg .= ' allowing this gives a malicious user the ability to'; $insecure_msg .= ' destroy your current install and take over your site.'; $insecure_msg .= '
'; $secure = false; } } //check to see if any Admin still has 'password' as it's password. $count = DB_query("select count(*) as count from users where username like '%Admin' and passwd='" . md5('password') . "'"); $A = DB_fetchArray($count); if ( $A['count'] > 0 ) { $secure = false; $insecure_msg .= '
You still have not changed some default Admin password from "password" '; $insecure_msg .= 'this will allow people to do serious harm to your site
'; } if ($secure) { $retval = $secure_msg; } else { $retval = $insecure_msg; } $retval = wordwrap($retval,20,'
',1); return $retval; }

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