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Welcome to Geeklog Friday, April 18 2014 @ 09:41 AM EDT


Bounties are an added incentive to contributing to Geeklog: Thanks to our friendly sponsors, you now have a chance to get some money in return for your contribution!

Below is a list of tasks that we would like to see completed or features that have been requested. See our list of feature requests for more. Feel free to request a feature that you'd like to see added to Geeklog. And if you see a feature that you like to see implemented but that has no bounty attached to it yet - maybe you want to sponsor it and help it becoming reality.

Ongoing bounty sponsors:
AOE media GmbH - TYPO3 Agentur Preisvergleich für neue und gebrauchte Bücher M√ľnchen Hotel

Open Bounties

The Geeklog bounty hunt has only just started. Please help us find the most-wanted features.


The following features have been implemented as a result of a bounty:

  • OpenID support, implemented by Choplair (as of Geeklog 1.5.0), sponsored by the Geeklog Team
  • Links plugin subcategories, implemented by Euan McKay (as of Geeklog 1.5.0), sponsored by Kevin Horton and Peter Thompson

Suggested Bounties

Tex is looking for feedback on some improvements for the Calendar plugin.

Sponsoring Bounties

Found a feature that you would like to see implemented and you're willing to sponsor it? Drop us a note and let us know. Sponsors will be listed with their name and logo next to the sponsored task for as long as it's open, i.e. not implemented yet.

Ongoing Sponsoring

Companies and individuals willing to support Geeklog development in general can also become an ongoing bounty sponsor. If you're willing to commit to at least $65 / month for at least 3 month, you'll also get a text link from our homepage (in addition to your name and logo on this page). Please get in touch.

Note: The Geeklog Team reserves the right to reject or cancel a sponsorship. We want to give you something in return for your money but we're not here to support spammers or other questionable sites.


Of course, you can also make a simple donation, independent from any of the above.

For Developers

Want to grab a bounty? Head over to our project site to read the details for the task (just follow the link from the list of open bounties above). If you found something that you want to implement, leave a note in the feature request.

Code submissions have to work with the latest official Geeklog release or the current CVS version. The code will also have to follow our Coding Guidelines. (More details to follow)

The first individual or team to deliver a working implementation will usually get the reward. The Geeklog Team does however reserve the rights to reject a submission if it doesn't meet our coding standards or design principles. Please keep in mind that we will have to maintain your code once it has become part of Geeklog, so we want to make sure it blends in nicely.

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