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  • Official PHP Website (1,467)
    The end all of PHP resources. This is where you can get the latest releases of PHP, official documentation and much more!
  • openArchitectureWare - Official project homepage and community (789)
    openArchitectureWare (oAW) is a suite of tools and components assisting with model driven software development built upon a modular MDA/MDD generator framework implemented in Java(TM) supporting arbitrary import (design) formats, meta models, and output (code) formats. Supportive tools (such as editors and model browsers) are based on the Eclipse platform.

    The site is build with Geeklog.
  • opensourceCMS (1,777)
    Try out the popular CMS (Geeklog and others) without having to install them yourself. You even get full admin access.
  • PHP Builder (1,464)
    Use to be a great resource for PHP programmers. Of late the content is a bit stagnant but the docs and messageboards are still really useful.
  • PHP-Editors.com (1,277)
    Visit www.php-editors.com for PHP tool reviews, code snippets and the brand new PHP Coding Contests which run every 4 weeks.
  • Slashdot /. (898)
    CmdrTaco, timothy, Hemos, et al. and the original weblog!
  • Spacequad Anti-Spam Services (1,955)
    Looking for a great place to hang out and discuss your horror stories of SPAM, then look no further and join us as we get rolling on Anti-Spam and Spam related content. There's lot to do here and discussions are only part of what we have to offer. So surf on over and take a look, who knows, maybe you'll see someone you know.
  • Sys Admin Talk Forums (1,171)
    Sys Admin TALK Forums, ask questions, give answers and discuss the daily routines of system administration
  • WhatIsMyIPAddress.com (1,372)
    Ever wonder, What is my IP address? This online IP/DNS tool provides the user their IP address, reverse DNS lookup, answers to frequently asked questions, and location lookup. Geeklog mainly used for forums and static pages.

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