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Welcome to Geeklog Thursday, April 24 2014 @ 10:41 AM EDT

Beta due?

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  • Thursday, November 22 2001 @ 07:06 AM EST
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Any projection as to when the new beta will be made available?

From MLimburg: When it's ready. Although it's starting to look like in a couple of weeks.

bug in preferences

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  • Tuesday, November 20 2001 @ 10:26 AM EST
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if i check all the topics in excluded items of the geeklog site i have this on the home page : Error - Tue Nov 20 10:21:01 2001 Error with SQL statement SELECT *,unix_timestamp(date) AS day FROM stories WHERE draft_flag = 0 AND frontpage = 1 AND tid != 'Sites' ANDtid != 'GeekLog' ANDtid != 'Plugins' ANDtid != 'Help' ANDtid != 'Security' ANDtid != 'Server' ANDtid != 'announcements' ANDtid != 'bugs' AND featured != 1 ORDER BY date desc LIMIT 0,5 - MySQL Error Number: 1064 - MySQL Error Message: You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'ANDtid != 'GeekLog' ANDtid != 'Plugins' ANDtid != 'Help' ANDtid != 'Security' AN' at line 1

Remember the golden rule

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  • Thursday, November 15 2001 @ 12:33 PM EST
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Guys, Geeklog would conquer the world if you remember to make it as configurable as possible. Which points in the direction of increasing modularity and taking as much out of the core code as you can and putting it into modules or plugins.

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