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Maps plugin 1.0.8

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Maps plugin 1.0.8 is now available for dowload.

Create and display google maps

Maps plugin allow you to create maps and set markers. Markers can display informations in a two tabbed window if needed.

With autotags you can display maps and markers in story, static page, forum post...and a profile feature display a map on user's profile if the user has set his location.

What's new

[fix] geolocalisation on marker edit
[new] zoom, width and height parameters for geo:map autotag
[fix] Edit map from public map list and map detail page
[fix] MAPS_getCoords (allow_url_fopen, curl, fsockopen)
[fix] Theme issue for anonymous user on My markers page and submit marker

Read more on wiki.

Forum Plugin 2.8.0 - BETA 1

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Plugins The Geeklog community members are pleased to announce the release of the first BETA version of the Forum plugin v2.8.0, which is now available for download.

The Forum plugin was missing a maintainer for quite some time and so in March this year several Geeklog community members have joined their effort to continue the development of this very popular plugin. Version 2.8.0 is based on the effort made by the Geeklog-Japanese community, who have been actively developing it for some time.

Autotags Plugin v1.1.0

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Plugins The Autotags plugin version 1.1.0 is now available for download. This release requires version 1.8.0 of Geeklog or higher.


The release includes several minor bug fixes and a number of new features. The autotags plugin now supports Geeklog's configuration as well as autotag usage permissions and descriptions. PHP can now also be used directly in the "Replace With" box when creating an autotag (with proper permissions).

For feedback, questions, bugs and feature requests please post in this forum topic.