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Welcome to Geeklog Saturday, May 28 2016 @ 04:04 PM EDT

New Translations!

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I am happy to announce the addition of two new translations: 1) Russian 2) Portuguese (Brazil) Slowly but surely, Geeklog is starting to mature...the submission of translations is proof of that and we are now up to 8 supported languages! I want to take a minute to thank all of you that have bared through some hard times, bugs, poor code, etc to get us here. A lot of work still needs to be done but we have a great community and good things will continue to follow!

Using index.htm

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Hi folks, this is a tip. In every directory that doesn\'t contain an index file, place a blank text file and name it index.htm. I do this on all my themes and geeklog directories and I highly suggest you do it as well. This will prevent snooping, even if it\'s only an images directory. Also, concerning the recent discovery of how many folks left their install.php alone, if you renamed your install file to muahahayoullneverguessthenameofmyinstall.php, it\'s not gonna do any good if someone visits If you\'re gonna rename it, try a .txt extension or something. Enjoy. :)

Don\'t forget to secure your installation

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Assuming that one has not implemented any WebServer based or file access security changes:

The default install of Geeklog does not secure the installation and will leave your admin/install/install.php file open for anyone to access. I Recommend a few things

  • Remove access rights to the directory
  • Change the name of the install directory
  • Configure webserver security - e.g. Use apache .htaccess
  • All of the above

    Doing a little check before submitting this note, 50% of the sites I checked have open access to install.php. I debated about posting this, in case someone thinks this would be their idea of fun. Hopefully, it will be seen as a reminder to secure our installs - as anyone that has installed GL will know the default install path.

    A recommendation would be for GL to include a install feature like Gallery that will secure all access and redirect anyone without proper authentication to the main page.


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