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Welcome to Geeklog Tuesday, June 30 2015 @ 06:01 AM EDT

Static Pages Plug-in Released!

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  • Friday, March 08 2002 @ 10:55 AM EST
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As promised, we are releasing the first production-level plugin for Geeklog. The Static Pages plug-in will allow you to quickly add semi-static pages to your Geeklog installation. This is great for content that doesn't change often such as security/privacy policies, help files and about us pages. Click 'read more' to see a complete list of features or just go get it now!

New Theme Mockup

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  • Thursday, March 07 2002 @ 07:55 PM EST
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I've been hard at work on the new theme for our central Geeklog site. Check it out at and provide some feedback on how it renders on your browser. Currently, Netscape v4.x is broken, but I'm working on it.

Geeklog 1.3.4 released

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  • Thursday, March 07 2002 @ 03:23 PM EST
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Yes, the updates seem to come fast and furious. This release came today mainly in preparation for production releases of a couple plugins. I have decided to completely drop web-based installation of plugins because, from our beta usage, it has become a complete support nightmare.

Instead, we are going for a fast, simple and manual approach to installing plugins. I will be release the first production quality version of the Static Pages Plugin tomorrow that uses the new system. For a complete list of changes click 'read more'. Otherwise you can get the download from here.

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