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Lost password

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Security I noticed that when we lose a password, geeklog will send us a new \'system-generated\'password. I have one concern, with the ease of requesting for new password.

GL does not verify if you are truly the user requesting for new password. As such, a prankster can look for a list of users ie. Admin etc and request for a new password for the person. It would be a pain if the this becomes a day to day affair.

Are there any plugins patches that we can add to help identify the user ie mom\'s maiden name or something along those lines?

Thank you.

Sample of Article with Images

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Well, you folks asked for it and here it is. This is the first ever article with images attached directly to it. As many of you know, I run Iowa Outdoors an outdoors website. This first picture is a nice buck that is typical of the large corn-fed deer you can find here in Iowa. This trophy buck, for those interested, was taken just north of Des Moines near Ames. My guess is, however, that many of you aren't that interested in deer. If so, keep reading...I have other critters to show you!

1.3.5 Stable Out Today, Site Upgrade

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Announcements OK, we\'ve upgraded the site. If you haven\'t already, try out the XSilver theme which comes with Geeklog by default. We have a couple other themes due out any minute. I will take me a few minutes to get the final tarball done but once I do it will be available on our download page. While you wait, why don\'t you upload your picture to your profile by logging in and going to Account Information.

Oh, as a side note, yes we realize the XSilver theme loads slow. We are going to troubleshoot this over the next couple of days.