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new PHP-block showing up outside my geeklog Homepage

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Announcements Hi!

I have made a new php-block to display Heise News at my geeklog site: http://miklas.dasburo.com. I want to include it as an existing php-site:

function phpblock_heisenews () {
global $_CONF;
$path = $_CONF['path_html'];
include_once($path . "/class.heise_news.php");

The Problem is: the nwe Heise News block is empty and showing up the news above my geeklog site ... please take a look at http://miklas.dasburo.com How can i fix that?

Thanx, Miklas

ClearBlue theme released

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Just wanted to let you know that I released my first theme called "ClearBlue". You can download it from here (geeklog.info, German site) or here (geeksta.com). Both sites also let you try the theme out with the theme swapper.

Have fun.

bye, Dirk

Theme releases

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Announcements Knew I'd forgotten to post this somewhere - and the most obvious place too ;) I've made three of my themes available for download on my site, they'll all work correctly on Geeklog v1.3.5. The first, Goddammit is an extensive rehash of the original Digital Monochrome theme, the second, Monkey Business is an emulation of NukeNews of phpNuke fame and the final one, Simplicity is a very basic theme potentially good for users to customise for their own look. I'm currently in the middle of a fourth theme but I'm finding other demands on my time are slowing me up on this one! If you want to check out the themes in action then check out Goddammit.co.uk, to download the .tar.gz files then go to My Theme Page. Enjoy :)