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Other Story Modes ?

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Geeklog When creating a story from the admin menu, you have the option of defining the story as a one of three modes
  • Normal
  • Archive
  • Refreshing
  • Does anyone have more information on the differences?

    phpBB up and ...

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    Geeklog ... crawling along on all fours like an amnesiac with a hangover? http://g-comm.net/ is pleased to announce the almost working installation of phpBB, integrated into Geeklog. Well, I use the term \"integrated\" in the loosest possible sense.

    Login does not carry over from Geeklog to phpBB, however logout does. Attempting to view the forums without being logged in produces errors.

    Anyway, I believe this is only the second known case of someone being stupid enough to waste a weekend on this? (sigh) And they only ever remember the first person to do anything...

    Thanks a lot Tony for the installation kit and documentation. Some issues I had:

    Unfound.net Aqua Theme Available

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    Announcements My DotCom based theme, "Aqua" is now freely available for download from www.unfound.net. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed taking 2 other person's styles and mashing them together...