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phpBB module ready for action!

  • Thursday, January 31 2002 @ 09:49 am EST
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Announcements I've just put, what I think, are the finishing touches to the phpBB module for Geeklog. Head over to our Plug-ins page to get it. Please note that this is not a full-fledge plugin yet but the directions should be sufficient for you to use it on a production site now.


  • Correctly reports total number of users
  • links to Geeklogs user profile where necessary
  • Login/logout links point to Geeklog's
  • Fixed bug that would allow phpBB session to expire when still logged in from Geeklog
  • Added phpBB credit to bottom
  • phpBB 1.4.4 for Geeklog (beta)

    • Saturday, January 26 2002 @ 10:32 pm EST
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    Announcements Ok, for those of you who volunteer to test a draft of the phpBB module for Geeklog head on over to the plug-ins page and download it.

    The quick and dirty is this is NOT for a production Geeklog site as it needs a lot of testing. Copy the tarball to your /path/to/geeklog/public_html directory and uncompress it. Change into the phpBB directory and read the INSTALL document. It will describe everything you need to do.

    Email bugs, updates etc to me at tony@tonybibbs.com. For those interested, see it in action here.

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