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Intro vs. Summary

  • Friday, January 11 2002 @ 08:25 pm EST
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Geeklog I\'ve gotten an increasing number of requests to treat the intro text of an article (what you see on index.php) as a summary and not an intro. The idea is the intro text would then become any arbitrary text to encourage someone to click \'read more\'. Once they click read more, instead of seeing the bodytext appended to the end of the intro, they would see just the body text.

What\'s your opinion? Leave it as is or make it a summary? Maybe allow both via some configuration setting? Let me know.

Problems with calendars

  • Friday, December 28 2001 @ 01:04 pm EST
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Geeklog I\'ve installed Geeklog twice on a test web server and have run across the same problems. It could well be me as I\'m unused to Linux, Apache, PHP etc. but I\'ve managed to get a few other systems working okay.

As an indicator, when I bring up a calendar, the \'small\' calendars either side of the month have links which go to \'/calendar.php...\' instead of \'/geeklog/public_html/calendar.php...\'. It seems that in that module, the use of $_CONF[\'site_url\'] returns a blank string when used in a function (like getSmallCalendar) but the correct value in the main part of the code.

I don\'t know anything about PHP so cannot really debug any better. Can you tell me what I\'ve done wrong here.

One other possible clue: in the \'Display Preferences\' section, there are no Themes in the drop-down box.

Hope someone can help (and if this is a bug, I\'ll post it but I assumed I\'d followed the quickie instructions wrongly).


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