I figured this would be the perfect time to make a fool out of my self by posting in the wrong section, so here goes: I read somewhere that HTML would be completely disabled in 1.3. Unfortunately this would defy my purpouse alltogether since I run an HTML help site. Smile Will there be an option to turn HTML on in stories (albeit not in comments), or an easy way to hack the script in order to accomplish this? Or am I facing a two week hacking spree (plus the two weeks I'll need to integrate vCool? Smile I'll be grateful for any help or thoughts you might have, since I'm trying to investigate which CMS to use; GL is one of two final candidates. Thanks in advance!

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I think that we've decided to keep HTML in Geeklog. Though I will say that I don't ever plan on enhancing that logic as managing regular expressions is something I'm admittedly bad at. If we do use an bbcode'ish alternative you will be able to disable one or the other (or both ) via the config file. So, stick with Geeklog ;-) --Tony
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