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I use CUSTOM_userCreate() to add additional data to an additional table when admin creates an user.
But I got the fatal error of "Duplicate entry for key 'PRIMARY' to the table" when I create an user.

USER_createAccount() in lib-user.php has the following lines and that causes the error.
PHP Formatted Code
    // call custom registration function and plugins
    if ($_CONF['custom_registration'] && function_exists('CUSTOM_userCreate')) {
        CUSTOM_userCreate($uid, $batchImport);

CUSTOM_userCreate function is called here, and again in the PLG_createUser funcion.

I deleted one function call in PLG_createUser() funcion so it seems solved, but I think it looks like a bug for everyone.

What do you think?


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Looks like a bug. Will be fixed next version of Geeklog. Added GitHub report here:

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