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I noticed that the following construct 'works':

PHP Formatted Code

{!!if in_array({a_var} , array({another_var})) !!}
myVar: {a_var}

The question is: is this supported now and in the future?

This brought me to the following code to process a var that IS an array:

PHP Formatted Code

{!!set myVar array('a', 'b') !!}
{!!set myCount 0 !!}
{!!while !empty(array_slice({myVar}, {myCount}, 1)) !!}
{!!set myVar1 array_slice({myVar}, {myCount}, 1)[0] !!}
myVar: {myVar1}
{!inc myCount}

Same question here.

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Yes since it is an advanced action using an expression. I've added you example just now to the Geeklog Wiki Caching Template page.

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