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What is SPAM-X for? Is it just a protection for comments?

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The Spam-X Plugin examines user submitted text and can marks it as spam if it meets certain criteria. There are a number of different modules that can be used that have settings in the Geeklog Configuration.

In the Geeklog CMS itself articles and comments support the spam-x plugin. Plugins can support it as well, for example the Forum plugin does.
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Came along for an upgrade of Geeklog from 1.8 to 2.2.0. All succeeded, except SpamX (1.3.1) upgrade.
First, it complained that there were duplicate keys. No problem, find them and delete.
Second, it was complained that an Index could not be dropped, because it was not present.
Third, after solving, it complained that no multiple primary keys could be created. That's, I presume because the old index is still there.

Anyway, gave up. I noticed that there is no new download available, so I had to delete the plugin.
After re-install everything was okay. However, lost all my statistics on spammers.

Maybe it is a smart move to add some error-ignoring to the upgrade process of SpamX.