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Hi guys,

When I am logged in and using "url rewrite" many times I get a 404 error, as an anonymous user the error never appears. If I wait a bit and refresh the page loads correctly.

Any idea why it happens?

Thanking you in advance,
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Hmm not sure. If it works for anonymous user it should work as a logged in user.

If a user doesn't have access to a page (depending what it is) a 404 could be returned but since an anonymous user has access all should.

You could also create issues by accident by adding similar rules in the Geeklog Admin URL Routing list but again this shouldn't be your issue since it works for anonymous users.

In the Geeklog Configuration I would goto url rewrite config option and read the docs (or I guess you can access it here ( on just to make sure you have everything setup correctly (including the htaccess file, etc...)

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