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installation on webhosting server


Hi,Please be patient and read through this posting i have written down what i have done and need some help to install nexpro suite
1.i have uplaoded the tar file into a folder "photos5" in my control panel
2.when i unpacked the tar file it opened as 2 folders
a) nexpro_public b) nexpro_system
3.i have created an mysql database and changed the required info in "db-config.php" in nexpro_system as per installation instruction changed permission of the folders to 777
4.i tried to install with the pathwww.sushynava.info/photos5/nexpro/nexpro_public/admin/install/install.php
i got this error
b]Unable to locate Geeklog files
The installer was unable to locate critical Geeklog files. This is probably because you have moved them from their default location. Please specify the paths to the files and directories below:
Here are some hints to find the correct path:
• • The complete path to this file (the install script) is:
• The installer was looking for db-config.php in:
5.i moved the db-config.php file from nexpro_system out to nexpro and changed the path in lib-common file in nexpro_public to the new location of db_config.php and again tried installing now I got this error
Step 1 - Set File Permissions
Welcome and thank you for choosing Geeklog!
In order to operate correctly Geeklog requires that certain files and directories be writable by the web server. Below is a list of file and directory permissions that you need to modify before continuing with the your installation.
File/Directory Permissions
/home/kgqaucbz/public_html/photos5/nexpro/backups/ Change to 777 (Currently 0)
/home/kgqaucbz/public_html/photos5/nexpro/data/ Change to 777 (Currently 0)
/home/kgqaucbz/public_html/photos5/nexpro/logs/error.log Change to 777 (Currently 0)
6.i moved the above 3 folders out from nexpro_system to nexpro and when I tried installing again it opened the configuration page
Step 2 - Enter configuration information
Required Configuration Information

Site Name (?) -
Site Slogan (?)
Database Type (?)
Database Hostname (?) localhost
Database Name (?)
Database Username (?)
Database Password (?)
Database Table Prefix (?)

Optional Configurations
Site URL (?) (No trailing slash)
Admin Directory Path (?) (No trailing slash)
Site Email (?)
Site No-Reply Email (?)
Use UTF-8 (?)
7.i have filling up all the details and now I got this error
Warning: require_once(/home/kgqaucbz/public_html/photos5/nexpro/system/lib-database.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/kgqaucbz/public_html/photos5/nexpro/nexpro_public/admin/install/index.php on line 265

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/home/kgqaucbz/public_html/photos5/nexpro/system/lib-database.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php'Wink in /home/kgqaucbz/public_html/photos5/nexpro/nexpro_public/admin/install/index.php on line 265

I don’t know where I went wrong ,any one out there please help me and thanks in advance


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Quote by: suresh

5.i moved the db-config.php file from nexpro_system out to nexpro and changed the path in lib-common file in nexpro_public to the new location of db_config.php

Not sure what you were editing in lib-common.php, but with the new installer, you don't need to edit any files any more to install Geeklog (or Nexpro).

When the installer couldn't find db-config.php, it asked you to enter the path to that file. Don't move the file - leave it were it is.

Try that again.

bye, Dirk


Hi dirk thanks for the reply where do you want me to type the path of db-config.php ,in the browser?


Hi dirk ,i got it .my problem was i did not think of writing the path in the error page but i went on changing the files and rewriting the paths in the code and complicated the issue any way thanks once again :banana:

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