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Add Info update from 1.4.0 to 1.6.1


I want to upgrade my GL install from 1.4.0 to 1.6.1 and I need some extra information.

This part of information is relevant for me: http://www.geeklog.net/docs/english/install.html#upgrade

Now I would like to know what exactly I need to do: my geeklog installation is split into two parts on my server:
  • public_html/minizblog
  • minizblog

If you read the info on the 1.6.1 upgrade I need to copy all the files of the installation tar.gz to the location of my old installation. I guess it is meant the public_html path in my case, or? How will the install know the location of the other map?

Is it still advisable to work with the two-path method from the new version on? And what about the permissions on the one or two locations?

I prefer not to mix files from new with old version. Would it be a good method to rename my old paths with "_old" suffix and create new; fresh directory's (one or two depending on the answer of the last question) with the new install?

I've read a bit through this forum and saw that you only need to copy the image files from the old to the new installation, but what about the color-configuration? Is there a way to easyly take this with the upgrade, or do I need to redo the color-configuration?

Any other tips concerning this update are welcome too, I just want to plan this right so I don't loose my work during the update.

Thank you in advance,


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The general layout of the files and directories hasn't changed, so you can still separate Geeklog into two parts like you have now.

If you have ssh access to the server, you could copy the new files over the old ones. But don't to that if you only have ftp access. I've seen too many borked sites where the ftp client forgot to update some files or the connection broke down halfway through an upload - those things are really hard to fix.

Renaming the existing directories to _old and creating new ones with the new files would also work. The install script will disable any plugins for which it can't find the files - those can be re-enabled from within Geeklog later after their files have been put into place.

If you go that way, don't forget to put the config.php files (for Geeklog and the bundled plugins) back into their place before you run the upgrade. That way, your old settings will be copied over into the database for the web-based Configuration that Geeklog now has.

The theme will need to be updated. I'd suggest you start with the included Professional theme until everything's working.

Whatever you do, have backups of everything (files and database).

bye, Dirk

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I am upgrading with nextide latest file, so I get 1.6.1 geeklog installation. I hope everything is gonna be ok, because geeklog installations were such a problem in the past.


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