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Problem Installation in /public_html/new_directory1

Kamal Kumar Adukia

I am trying to install geeklog-1.6.1 on my site server

1.I Placed the contents of geeklog-1.6.1/public_html/ into my web root directory/new_directory1 on my web server. (i.e. /public_html/new_directory1)

Next,I placed the remaining contents of geeklog-1.6.1/ into
(first) web root directory/new_directory2 (I had Password protected new_directory2)
(another time after unsuccess the previous) web root directory/new_directory1/new_directory2 (I had Password protected new_directory2)

2.I Opened my browser and navigate to the Geeklog installation wizard file
http://[my_geeklog_site]/new_directory1/admin/install/index.php on my web server.

and the installation wizard could not locate them automatically. It was asked to specify their paths the first window opened during installation.

I got the follwing message in this opened window:

Geeklog Installation
Geeklog InstallationUnable to locate Geeklog files
The installer was unable to locate critical Geeklog files. This is probably because you have moved them from their default location. Please specify the paths to the files and directories below:

db-config.php: /path/to/db-config.php

Here are some hints to find the correct path:

•The complete path to this file (the install script) is:
•The installer was looking for db-config.php in:


I tried all these paths below:






Any body can provide me help if how can I get success to install it.

In the installation instrucion at http://www.geeklog.net/docs/english/install.html
it is explained there as below:

Next, place the remaining contents of geeklog-1.6.1/ into either the parent directory of your root web directory (recommended) or any other non public folder and the installation wizard will attempt to locate them automatically. If it cannot you will be asked to specify their paths during installation.

Kamal Kumar Adukia

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Quote by: Kamal Kumar Adukia

•The installer was looking for db-config.php in:

Based on this, try /home/.../public_html/new_directory2

There's a reason why we display those hints - to give you an idea what the path should look like 8)

bye, Dirk

Kamal Kumar Adukia

Hi Dirk, Thank you very very much for prompt response the exact solution for me. It your solution really worked a magic. I got it fast installed successfully on my site server. I am feeling very happy. Thanks, thanks and thanks..... Kamal Kumar Adukia

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