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Geeklog -> MYSQL error during install


~ Installed MYSQL - went well ~ Created MYSQL account\password for geeklog - completed ~ Geeklog (1.5.1) install (index.php) - This is where it all went crazy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ When I try to install geeklog - If I set the MYSQL username and password it errors and tells me incorrect database information. ~ If I use the same username and leave the password blank - geeklog inastalls and no problems. ~ I can login to MYSQL with the username and password with no problems from terminal. ~ I can login to MYSQLADMINISTRATOR with the username and password with no problems Thoughts\Suggestions Thanks, Max :banghead:

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Sounds like you only created the administrator account for MYSQL. Now you have to make a database and user account and grant that user account access to the database.

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I created a specific account for Geeklog and assigned it a password. I also created a database specifically for geeklog and assigned the username rights to the database.


~ username - geeky
~ password - xxxxxxx
~ database - geeklogtest

~ geeky has admin (all) privileges to geeklogtest



check the socket used in /etc/my.cnf
It should be /var/mysql/mysql.sock

You'll have to restart mysql if you change it.



I too have this problem, however I am hosted on godaddy and unable to access the mysql cnf.

It acts like it cannot contact the server, yet I can acess mysqladmin and I can ping the server.

I tried localhost originally, then I remembered that godaddy uses separate mysql servers and went to the ip address, but to no avail.

Is there anything I can do? I really don't feel like using php-nuke, and I'm more interested in GeekLog!

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Quote by: davex

Is there anything I can do?

Well, I don't know anything about GoDaddy's setup, but there are users who have Geeklog up and running at GoDaddy.

Don't they provide the necessary information? Try asking their customer support if you can't find it.

bye, Dirk

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They have some instructions online: http://help.godaddy.com/article/1361?

But anyway, what it the error that is being displayed?

And if you don`t have problems "If I use the same username and leave the password blank - geeklog inastalls and no problems." what`s the problem then?

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