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Quote by: Jerry Green

I found that in the database gl_commentcodes` VALUES (0,'Comments Enabled'Wink,(1,'Read-Only'Wink,(-1,'Comments Disabled'Wink; existed. If I deleted the value 1, 'Read Only' then the update worked fine. I assume this was left over from an old version of Geeklog and had never been deleted.

Interesting. Yes, such an entry existed in ancient Geeklog versions. It should have been deleted by the upgrade from 1.3.5 to 1.3.6, though.

bye, Dirk


Quote by: Dirk

So those are the ones you enter in the install script during the upgrade? In that case, everything is working as expected ...


Again, everything that is supposed to be entered in the GUI is gone. Instead, it uses default values (e.g. "My Geeklog Site"Wink as if config.php does not exist. But the backstage stuff (like commentcode) seem to be taken from config.php after all. So why aren't the GUI stuff taken from config.php?

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