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Hello. I have used Geeklog many times in the past and I would like to start a new website. I'm asking for any ideas for content - a strange question I hear you say, but I would like somebody from here to join with me and help run it (be an admin on it). Any ideas for content and what it could be about.

I thought of a site dedicated to Books, Films, Games and a forum, but wil this be a hit? Would people go and contribute.

If anyone can help out please post a comment.

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Are you looking for profit or just want to get your name out or what? Anyway, I have an idea, but my main problems are Geeklog's lack of product management.The closest thing is Media Gallery, but it lacks customizable fields (although I must mention its static fields do grow with time - for example, soon it would let you display keywords and categories alongside each media item) and remote media (if you plan to focus on flim stuff and want to avoid copyright issues). I'll elaborate more about the first more concerning issue - whatever you choose (books, fillms, etc. - I hope you meant it as a choice list and not a site dedicated to everything), you would have to rely on users on writing manual stuff inside the only text field (other than the obligatory "title", of course) MG supplies ("description" ). Let's take a site about films. You can't really expect users to follow your "orders" to write separate lines like: Director - X Writer - Y Obviously in no time you'd have one user writing "Director - X / Writer - Y", the other "Writer - Y / Director - X" and the third: Writer: Y Director: X (that's without even considering all of the misspellings). And the more they mess up, the more mess it would be for the admins to edit. Of course, you can live with it if you settle for just one field (e.g. you'd tell everyone "description" would be just for "the director" ), but you're bound to want to grow. I bet IMDB started with like 5 fields for each film (which is still better than one, though) and now it's probably closer to 50.

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Idea My suggestion for you is to put on your site things that you're knowledgeable about. That will be really important in order for the site to be full of information. I write about my passion and things that interest me on my website.

That makes it easy to write. When I try to cover topics that I am unfamiliar with, I am not as interested and really, I don't do a good job as I don't know the subject well.

Those are my thoughts... Whatever, you do...Bloom Where Youre Planted!

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