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Forum v2.6rc3 - serious theme issues

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Some semi separated issues (ok, the really serious one is the one in the end):

The readme says it's enough to just copy themefiles to public_html/layout/professional/forum - it (NEW installation guide) does NOT give any instructions about pre1.4.1_forum.css and forum.css, but I've ran a search utility and obviously the forum expects the tags that are in those files to be put manually inside the main style.css .

If that's the case, please write so in the readme. But I still think functions.css should just call, say, forum.css automatically by itself and not to bother us at all. Why shouldn't it be your standard standalone plugin?

Here, I prepared a code that even checks if pre1.4.1_forum.css is needed:
Text Formatted Code
// custom code - start
// Automatic CSS
function plugin_getheadercode_forum()
    global $_CONF;

    $extra_header = "
        <link rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\" href=\"" . $_CONF['layout_url'] . "/forum/forum.css\" />
$glversion = explode(".", VERSION);
        if ( $glversion[0] < 1 || ($glversion[0] == 1 && $glversion[1] < 4) ||
($glversion[0] == 1 && $glversion[1] == 4 && $glversion[2] < 1))
    $extra_header .=
        "<link rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\" href=\"" . $_CONF['layout_url'] . "/forum/pre1.4.1_forum.css\" />

    return $extra_header;
// custom code - end

Now, even if not standalone. then surely there's no reason to put forum.css and pre1.4.1_forum.css not inside the forum's folder!

If you're willing to do so, the following should be fixed to:

Text Formatted Code
forum.css :
  background:#FAFCFE url('image_set/img_quote.gif') no-repeat top right;      

pre1.4.1_forum.css :
a.pluginButton:hover {
  background:center url(../navbar/images/button_over.gif);
#navcontainer a {
  background:url("../navbar/images/tableftJ.gif") no-repeat left top;
#navcontainer a span {
  background:url("../navbar/images/tabrightJ.gif") no-repeat right top;
#navcontainer a#current span {
  background:url("../navbar/images/tabrightI.gif") no-repeat left top;
#navcontainer a:hover#current {
  background:url("../navbar/images/tableftI.gif") no-repeat left top;
  background:#FAFCFE url('image_set/img_quote.gif') no-repeat top right;

Finally, pre1.4.1_forum.css is ruined in pre v1.4.1 Geeklogs!!!
See, navbar/images contained until v1.4.1 just 2 images - button.gif and button_over.gif !
So those tab*.gif just cause 404 errors in the server's error log and the tabs are all screwed up.

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