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Includes in Static Pages

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I am testing out 1.4.1rc1 and there seems to be an issue with using PHP includes in static pages. Any thoughts?

Here is a sample of the error output.....

Text Formatted Code
An error has occurred:
2 - include() [function.include]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration @ /usr/www/htdocs/plugins/staticpages/functions.inc(841) : eval()'d code line 1

array(5) {
  string(91) "include "http://www.glpath.net/staticpages/index.php?page=ec_lookup";
echo "<br><br>";

  string(1) "2"
  &array(11) {
    string(5) "1.4.3"
    string(2) "id"
    string(5) "label"
    array(4) {
  &array(75) {
    string(8) "New Page"
    string(10) "Admin Home"
    string(12) "Static Pages"
    string(18) "Static Page Editor"
    string(10) "Written By"
    string(12) "Last Updated"
    string(5) "Title"
    string(7) "Content"
    string(4) "Hits"
    string(16) "Static Page List"
    string(3) "URL"
    string(4) "Edit"
    string(12) "Last Updated"
    string(11) "Page Format"
    string(19) "Left & Right Blocks"
    string(10) "Blank Page"
    string(9) "No Blocks"
    string(11) "Left Blocks"
    string(11) "Add To Menu"
    string(5) "Label"
    string(37) "No static pages are in the system yet"
    string(4) "save"
    string(7) "preview"
    string(6) "delete"
    string(6) "cancel"
    string(13) "Access Denied"
    string(149) "You are illegally trying access one of the Static Pages administration pages.  Please note that all attempts to illegally access this page are logged"
    string(19) "All HTML is allowed"
    string(20) "Static Pages Results"
    string(6) "Author"
    string(69) "You must at least fill in the <b>Title</b> and <b>Content</b> fields."
    string(15) "Please log in.."
    string(201) "This could be because you're not logged in, or not a member of Glpath MDB. Please <a href="http://www.glpath.net/users.php?mode=new"> become a member</a> of Glpath MDB to receive full membership access"
    string(5) "PHP: "
    string(95) "Warning: PHP code in your page will be evaluated if you enable this option. Use with caution !!"
    string(11) "Exit Type: "
    string(90) "Enable for Login Required Message.  Leave unchecked for normal security check and message."
    string(113) "Access to this page is denied.  Either the page has been moved/removed or you do not have sufficient permissions."
    string(20) "Top Ten Static Pages"
    string(10) "Page Title"
    string(4) "Hits"
    string(86) "It appears that there are no static pages on this site or no one has ever viewed them."
    string(2) "ID"
    string(82) "The ID you chose for this static page is already in use. Please select another ID."
    string(266) "To modify or delete a static page, click on that page's edit icon below. To view a static page, click on the title of the page you wish to view. To create a new static page, click on "Create New" above. Click on on the copy icon to create a copy of an existing page."
    string(13) "Centerblock: "
    string(85) "When checked, this Static Page will be displayed as a center block on the index page."
    string(7) "Topic: "
    string(10) "Position: "
    string(3) "All"
    string(13) "Homepage Only"
    string(11) "Top Of Page"
    string(20) "After Featured Story"
    string(14) "Bottom Of Page"
    string(11) "Entire Page"
    string(11) "Centerblock"
    string(2) "No"
    string(3) "Top"
    string(11) "Feat. Story"
    string(6) "Bottom"
    string(11) "Entire Page"
    string(12) "In a block: "
    string(28) "Wrap Static Page in a block."
    string(9) "Edit page"
    string(24) "Make a copy of this page"
    string(12) "Display page"
    string(18) "do not execute PHP"
    string(20) "execute PHP (return)"
    string(11) "execute PHP"
    string(152) "The use of PHP in static pages is not activated. Please see the <a href="http://www.glpath.net/docs/staticpages.html#php">documentation</a> for details."
    string(16) "Printable Format"
    string(4) "Copy"
    string(13) "Limit Results"
    string(6) "Search"
    string(6) "Submit"
  string(0) ""

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The error message clearly states what the problem is and that it has nothing to do with Geeklog but with your server's configuration ...

bye, Dirk

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Thanks Dirk....I modified the php.ini on that server and it fixed it right up....

Text Formatted Code
allow_url_include = On

appreciate it

We never stop looking... ...for a better way

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