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Ok, just to sum all of this up, after spending a couple of hours trying different things and then finally availing myself of these wonderful forums and finding this thread.

If you are trying to get Adsense for Search integrated on your GL site so that the search results open in your site's environment:

1. First, make sure URL_rewrite = true in your config.php. If you are not running URL rewrite, you will not be able to put google search in a static page. If a "?" mark shows up in your static page URLs, you are not using rewrite.

2. Go to Google Adsense for search and generate the code, using the URL of your static page (rewrite enabled).
3. Place Google code in the relevant places in header and in static page.

You should be good to go.

Thanks to all who contributed here.

You can check it out here. . just do a google search:
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