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media gallery image error


I uploaded some images using direct browser upload, but when I click on them, i get taken to the main image page, which displays a broken link. When I go to check, I find that no actual image has been uploaded. Do i have to manually upload the actual images myself? oh, and what happened was, media gallery only converted my image into a thumbnail only, but failed to display the actual image. Does anyone know what went wrong?

also, when I try ftp upload, what directory do I put in? coz I typed in the directory I uploaded my pics in, but it said 'directory not found"

can anyone help please?
thanx in advance!


oh, i figured out half of the problem. turns out my disp/ directory was not fully writable. had to set it to 777. >.


sorry, the last message didn't come out too well. it's supposed to say:

oh, i figured out half of the problem. turns out my disp/ directory was not fully writable. had to set it to 777.

however, when I upload gifs, media gallery converts them to jpg files, so they end up not animating and have a horrible black background. how do i fix that?

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I don't think Media Gallery, with its current design, will fully support animated GIFs. This is the first time the issue has come up, but now that you ask the question, I really haven't done anything in the Media Gallery code to make animated GIFs work well. Media Gallery will create a display and thumbnail image of all uploaded media, this is hard coded to make JPGs. I'm going to have to add this feature to support animated GIFs into one of the upcoming releases. It is a great question, I'm a little surprised it hasn't been an issue before.

On the FTP Import, you can upload your images to any directory on your server, then tell Media Gallery the full path to that directory. What I've seen a lot of folks do is this; Create a upload/ directory under plugins/mediagallery/ and upload media file there. To get the full path on the server, take a look at Geeklog's config.php file and see what the $_CONF['path'] is set to, use this and add the plugins/mediagallery/upload/ to that to get the full path. That is what you'll type into the directory prompt in Media Gallery.




hey, thanx for your help!
i'll work with the current gallery for now. but i'm looking forward to any new versions of it in the future! Smile

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