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Simple lib-story.php hack for "read more"


I've noticed that since I started using the new fckEditor stuff, every story I write winds up with "read more (1 words)", and I can't seem to get rid of whatever little character it writes.

A simple hack around line 289 of lib-story.php to compute numwords and then compare that fixes it.
PHP Formatted Code

        if( !empty( $bodytext ))
            $numwords = COM_NumberFormat (sizeof( explode( ' ', strip_tags( $bodytext ))));
            if ($numwords > 1) {
                $article->set_var( 'lang_readmore', $LANG01[2] );
                $article->set_var( 'lang_readmore_words', $LANG01[62] );
                $article->set_var( 'readmore_words', $numwords );

                $article->set_var( 'readmore_link', '<a href="' . $articleUrl . '">'
                    . $LANG01[2] . '</a> (' . $numwords . ' ' . $LANG01[62]
                    . ') ' );
                $article->set_var( 'start_readmore_anchortag', '<a href="'
                    . $articleUrl . '">' );
                $article->set_var( 'end_readmore_anchortag', '</a>' );


Odds of getting this into standard release ?

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Quote by Yeraze: Odds of getting this into standard release ?

I'd rather see a fix for the actual issue itself. It's only happening when the advanced story editor is active.

A "better" hack (if there is such a thing as a better hack ...) would be to check if the story's body text contains only a BR (I think it was a BR tag causing this) and silently stripping it before saving the story.

bye, Dirk


I agree 100%, but that's a little beyond my current comprehension of the codebase Smile


I'v added:
PHP Formatted Code
if ($bodytext == '<br>') {
                $bodytext = '';


in story.php before DB_save and it works fine but I agree, it's not very elegant. Does anybody know where I can find the place where the editor-bodytext will initalized with the br-tag?

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It is in the fckconfig.js. Change the following setting to true:

FCKConfig.IgnoreEmptyParagraphValue = true ;

And you will be happier with the FCKeditor if you upgrade it to 2.2. The one comes with GL 1.4 is 2.1.1.

Hope this helps.


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