some perplexing questions that breaks site design

1) how to paginate search results ? search yeilding hundreds of result
takes too long for the page to build up by the browser, and also
appears ill designed for navigation
2) how to manage the number of online users - some 50 or 100 users
will give a too long, long right box
3) selecting an author so as not to see his posts via the preferances -
but cannot revert that ie if his posts are again wanted to be seen
4) the page that shows last 10 posts of news, last 10 comments - how to show
in it last 10 forum posts so that the page appears as uniform ( forum
though plugin is almost universally integral part of any cms )

Thanks for reading. Waiting for any kind help.


I understand that search results can be paginated in the version 1.4
however I am using 1.3.11sr1 which currently works with all the plugins I need.

Changing to the new search class gives error saying this to be undefined

Any patch / file changes to make search results paginated OR limit to first 'n' numbers that can be applied to 1.3.11sr1

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Quote by Trough: Any patch / file changes to make search results paginated

Yes, it's called Geeklog 1.4.0. This isn't an isolated patch that you just can copy over.

bye, Dirk