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I've looked through the forums/docs/wiki with no success to how to change what the general user (guest/anonomous, well person that views the website without logging in) permissions. It is specifically for giving users privlidges to the addon I am using called GUILDINFO. On install the addon puts 3 groups into the groups section, oen being for admin, one being for logged in users that belong to the guild to update their information, and the other for general viewers(meant for guests as it only allows viewing of the data). I set the 3rd option to the ALL USERS group, hoping it was for everyone but the links that I have when logged in as admin/"logged in user" to view the data is not there.

How can I set up the guest profile to allow anyone that visits the site access to the information. I have set the addon to show information to general users in its configuration. By the way the addon is for World of Warcraft, to import data from game into the website, jsut as reference for the addon.

P.S. I posted this here and not in the addons section cause user it is user permission i am having troubles with as I am new to geeklog and not figured out 5% of it's features yet.


Code I had to comment was in gi-config.php

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Couldn`t see that file but I wonder if I could have helped at all.


I figured it out simply by trial and error. (lots of errors).

The file with the code I ahd to modify is gi-config.php.
I simply commented the code that done a check to see if the user was in one of the three groups it adds when it is installed, the commenting of the code gave me access to the page instead of the error "Only Root users have permission(can't remember rest)", then I just created my own link in the header menu to the path and it now works.

P.S. I really need to learn php coding.

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