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upgraded from GL 1.3.9 to GL 1.3.11sr1.

Filemgmt plugin broken: error message

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: filemgmtapplyfilter() in /usr/www/users/ibic/filemgmt/index.php on line 42

on clicking "my downloads".

Installed latest filemgmt files in public_html/filemgmt, public_html/admin/plugins/filemgmt, and geeklog-1.3.11sr1/plugins/filemgmt.

What am I doing rong? ;-_)

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The function name, filemgmtapplyfilter, implies that this is a function of the file management plugin. In my local copy of version 1.3, that function exists in the plugin's file. So I guess you forgot to update a few of the plugin's files ...

bye, Dirk