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Hey all,

I'm not exactly sure if anyone can help me with this. I have two users who can't seem to access my site. First I thought it was a problem with their accounts, but they both can get on the site from work, but not at home. And the real kicker is that they get time out messages from both IE and Mozilla when the try to log in from home. So from anyplace else, they're fine. From their home systems (WinXP SP2 on P4 systems for both, anything else I'm not sure of) nada. I keep thinking it might be their ISP's, but though I might as well ask here, too.

Has anyone run into a similar problem? If so, any suggestions? Geeklog works perfectly well for anyone else on my site. Just not those two members, and only from their home systems. We've cleared caches, histories and cookies, checked internet, router and firewall settings, and I'm all out of ideas. Banging your head

Any help is most appreciated!



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I had something like this happen several years ago when supporting a corporate network. It wasn't geeklog sites but several dynamic sites that had slow response times would have the problem. I can't remember the specifics but it was something that was only an issue with windows 98 & 2000. I can't remember if it involved editing the registry or a dll/ini file but it was something obscure.

Also, did you make any recent DNS changes? Some systems refuse to dump the old IP's.

Ask them what OS they're using

Here are some possible insightful links

-Matthew Cox

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They both have WinXP SP2.

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first flush the windows dns cache:
from the command prompt "ipconfig /flushdns" without the quotes

if that doesn't work, ask those two members to try and access the site via the IP address rather than the host name.
If they gian access that way, and their dns caches have been flushed, then have them specify dns server IP's in their tcp/ip protocol properties.
your other option is to populate the windows dns cache via the host file:
the file itself should have an example of proper syntax.

this is all just assuming that the issue is with windows dns resolver, or with the isp's dns.

hope that helps

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