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RealPanama.org - a site for prisoners in Panama, Republic of Panama

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Hi one and all!

I am trying to run a very important new site that details the hardships that panamanian inmates face in this third world country.


Yet, I am very concerned that the site attracts a lot of attention, and I must maintain anonymity to make it succeed. There is bound to be retaliation against the prisoners if they find out who runs the site, and how this information is made public.

The site is mostly in spanish, but it will be converted to english, and a sister site, panacarcel.com, will handle the spanish stories. That site will ALSO run geeklog.

I started the site on may 1, 2005 and have had about 1400 visitors in less than a week,, thanks to mentions in the local press, some high traffic panamanian websites and word of mouth.

What I'd like to ask the geeklog community is for help in checking the security of my site, and letting me know about it, privately, through the email admin@realpanama.org

I have taken a private domain registration, and tried to make sure it is a secure enough site, but I am concerned there might security holes that might need patching.

I have installed several external programs, such as Gallery, and created a Yahoo news feed then made it into a portal block,and it seems to be working fine.

I know a determined hacker can probably break any installation of any software, but why chance it.

So... thanks for any help you can give me in making my site secure.



p.s. btw, I noticed a Panama site mentioned a few posts below. We are in no way related.

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I thought I would update everyone about www.realpanama.org.

We have installed the wonderful hack by Euan, called switchlanguage.

It now allows visitors to our site to switch languages seamlessly (spanish and english).

Therefore, we have been able to post English stories to go alongside the Spanish stories.

I am still waiting on help for the security of the site.

Thanks everyone!


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