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Template Error?! Please help!


Hi again!

I´ve got this problem, that´s diriving me nuts...
When I click on any of the stories, it appears this error message:

Text Formatted Code

Template Error: set_root: /home/consorci/public_html/libertador/layout/professional/article is not a directory.


The link shows as

Where´s the problem?

Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

Thanks in advance!!!!!!



I´m sorry, this is the exact link of the error (each article is the same):



This is how it looks the article.php file:

Text Formatted Code

            $story_template->set_var('story_id', $A['sid']);
            $story_template->set_var('story_comments', DB_count($_TABLES['comments'],'sid',$A['sid']));
            $story_template->set_var('lang_comments', $LANG01[3]);
            $articleUrl = COM_buildUrl ($_CONF['site_url']
                                        . '/article.php?story=' . $A['sid']);
            $story_template->set_var ('article_url', $articleUrl);
            $display = $story_template->finish($story_template->get_var('output'));

The thing is that everytime that an article is called (from the index page, from the archive, from the admin area) that error message appears...

Crying or Very sad


BTW... I´ve read the FAQ Read the FAQ

But it didn´t help me:

This is a path problem again. Check the setting for $_CONF['path_html'] in your config.php. If you did not change or rename Geeklog's public_html directory, then there's no need to change that setting at all (restore the line to its original content). Otherwise, please read the comments above that line in config.php again carefully to understand how to change that line properly.

I didn´t change the public_html... I´ve checked the config path and everything seems to be right... In fact I´ve anothe geeklog site inside another folder... and it is working just fine...

Crying or Very sad

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did you check to see if the directory referred to in the error message actually exists in where the code is looking for it?

perhaps your professional theme was not expanded properly.
just a guess.


Thanks Machinari! I don´t know what happened, but that were the problem.
I´ve uploaded the theme again and it worked!

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