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Is there an easy way to hide the links that go to the user profile information?

Basically what I want is for admins to be able to see profiles (even if they have to input a URL directly to the page) but regular users to not be able to see them.

Of course unless there's an easy solution, I guess regular users could type in the direct URL as well.


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By default you can control this with the following parameter in config.php profileloginrequired

Now this will allow it for every logged in user.

If you want to restrict it even further to a certain access group I guess the easiest way would be a slight modification in users.php in following block.

This way you don´t end up with having to edit a lot of layout templates.

Text Formatted Code
* Shows a profile for a user
* This grabs the user profile for a given user and displays it
* @param    int     $user   User ID of profile to get
* @param    int     $msg    Message to display (if != 0)
* @return   string          HTML for user profile page
function userprofile ($user, $msg = 0)
    global $_CONF, $_TABLES, $_USER, $LANG01, $LANG04, $LANG_LOGIN;

    if (empty ($_USER['username']) &&
        (($_CONF['loginrequired'] == 1) || ($_CONF['profileloginrequired'] == 1))) {


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And to get rid of the actual links, have a look at the template files. For example, in storytext.thtml, you'll find
Text Formatted Code

The first and last variable provide the link - remove them and only the name will be displayed, without the link to the profile.

Similar variables exist in the comment forms. Only the links in the Who's Online block are hard-coded, so you'd have to change those (or disable the block).

bye, Dirk

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