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Hi all, I know this is a simple question but I have been hunting for the answer and haven't found it :-(

How do I add a link in GL to my gallery site? Ie I can get to the gallery fine by the url, but I would like a like in GL instead. User security etc seems to all be okay and integrated, its just the link I can't figure out. Banging your head

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I edit my Geeklog Config.php file and unremarked the 'custom' line around line 210 (in my Notepad+ editor)

PHP Formatted Code

// List of entries that you want to see in the site's menu bar (if you're using
// a theme that uses the {menu_elements} variable in its header.thtml).
// Choose any combination of the following (order here = order in the menu).
$_CONF['menu_elements'] = array
    // 'home',      // link to homepage
    'contribute',   // contribute / "submit a story" link
    'links',        // link to the links section (aka web resources)
    'polls',        // link to past polls
    'calendar',     // link to the site calendar
    'search',       // link to advanced search
    'stats',        // link to site stats
    // 'prefs',     // link to user's preferences
    //'plugins'       // links added by plugins, like {plg_menu_elements}
   'custom'     // for custom links (see lib-custom.php)


and then I edit the lib-custom.php found in the system folder with the following starting around line 348 (again in Notepad+) :

PHP Formatted Code

function CUSTOM_menuEntries ()
    global $_CONF, $_USER;

    $myentries = array ();
    $myentries[] = array ('url'   => $_CONF['site_url'] . '/gallery/',
                          'label' => 'Photos');


    return $myentries;


Where as Photos now shows up as a link in my menu bar taking users to www.mywebsite.com/gallery.


I removed comments in both the config.php and lib-custom.php but no links appear. All that appears is a bullet symbol appearing at the end of the menu list when the web page displays. This shows that the function is executing.

I removed the sample code of adding the personal calendar. All that is left is the Gallery code and the return statement. I am using a Gallery setup.

Please help anyone. I'm running out of options.

btw, I'm testing 1.3.11 prior to roll-out.

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Razz Well, I figured it out. I was using the new "Contemporary" template and the header.thml file was using {allowed_menu_elements} instead of {menu_elements}.

A quick change and it worked fine.

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