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Performance 1.3.9


I have a pentium III RH9.0 linux server running Mysql 3.23.58 and apache 2. My geeklog performance is not good at all...7+ seconds to render my index page!
I don't have the vstats plugin, which as I read here has a negative perfomance hit.

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My old server was a pentium 200 with 64mb of ram running RH7 (still running as a backup). It handled 6 geeklog websites (the most I saw concurrently was 145 users), mail and ftp servers with no performance problems. In other words you have adequate hardware and software. Things to check.

If you are running X and all the other gui stuff, uninstall it. You don't need it for a server.

Check for dns resolution issues.

Using top see whats using the cpu.


I don't have X in my server, generally this machine has been working as a server for a couple of years.

I fire up my geeklog site in the local browser (which is right next to the server) and watch top on the server. Mysqld pops up as a max CPU usage process only once and very briefly, but site still takes 6seconds to render....

What on earth???

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I found this article to be extremely helpful in diagnosing a slow pageload problem for a friends site, and if you run your own server you will be able to impliment this quite easily:


you will be able to see which calls are taking the longest to run.

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Are you using portal blocks (when fetching news, these can slow a page load down if the server of the RSS feed is slow)? Any plugins (especially the stats plugin, some plugins can really slow down a system)?


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