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I like how GeekLog can take a dynamic link and turn it into something like "".

I'm wondering if anybody has been able to take that a step further and turn the link into "" ?

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This is and has been my only major complaint with Geeklog. After days of fighting with Drupal, I figured it would be easier to mod Geeklog. I would classify this as an ugly hack though (and it require updates with every patch).

My fix: Set the sid value to the ideal "TitleOfArticle" and ...

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^topic/(.*) index.php?topic=$1
RewriteRule ^article/(.*) article.php?story=$1

Then a massive search and replace on php files:
article.php?story= --> article/
index.php?topic= --> topic/

My result: becomes becomes

An elegant solution for this build into Geeklog 2 would be ideal!