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Hi there! I've got a bit of a problem with Geeklog, hope someone can help me out! Today, when I went to my site, I saw this error message there.

"An SQL error has occured. Please see error.log for details."

When I viewed my Error.log, the error message was:

1030: Got error 127 from table handler. SQL in question: Select msgtext,for_user from gl_cb_chatterlog where id = 53

And the same message has repeated itself many times over and over again.

What happened? I'm not sure as I'm completely new in mySQL & PHP and am still learning. Could someone please tell me what do I do next to fix this and get my site back to normal?

I ran a search through the forums and I did get some answers about the same error message but the SQL in question was different than mine. I think my error message is due to something in my chatterblock but I'm not sure. What do I do now? Please help. Thanks so very much!

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It would appear that you have some MySQL table corruption. You will need to run a table repair using PHPMyAdmin.

Verify that you have not run out of disk space as well where the mysql databases are located.
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Thanks, Blaine! I did a table repair for gl_cb_chatterblock and it worked! Everything's fine now! Thank you so so so much!