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Email error on sandmail and smtp method


Hi all,
I've succesfully installed geeklog on my site. I can't use standard mail method because my hosting have safe_mode on.
Then I've enabled sendmail but ther's an error when the site send the new registration and password recovery mail. In general all the e-mail where the from filed is not directly filled cause an error.
Both sendmail and smtp server drop this mail because the from filed in only an @ character.
Here is the mail server log:
Sun 2004-03-21 21:04:20: [540:5989:1] --> 250-air2bite.net Hello localhost, pleased to meet you
Sun 2004-03-21 21:04:20: [540:5989:1] --> 250-ETRN
Sun 2004-03-21 21:04:20: [540:5989:1] --> 250-AUTH=LOGIN
Sun 2004-03-21 21:04:20: [540:5989:1] --> 250-AUTH LOGIN CRAM-MD5
Sun 2004-03-21 21:04:20: [540:5989:1] --> 250-8BITMIME
Sun 2004-03-21 21:04:20: [540:5989:1] --> 250 SIZE 0
Sun 2004-03-21 21:04:20: [540:5989:1]
Sun 2004-03-21 21:04:20: [540:5989:1] --> 553 This server does not accept routed mail. MAIL and RCPT must contain a single address with no routing data.
Sun 2004-03-21 21:04:20: [540:5989:1] Socket connection closed by the other side (how rude!)
Sun 2004-03-21 21:04:20: [540:5989:1] SMTP session abnormally terminated, 115 bytes transferred.

On the config.php file all it's ok:
$_CONF['site_mail'] = 'wireless@nabuk.org';

The only way to have mail functions is to enable the old mail system in lib-custom.php

Can you help me ?


in error.log file I can read;

Sun Mar 21 22:06:57 2004 - [pear_error: message="unable to set sender to [@]" code=0 mode=return level=notice prefix="" info=""]

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I get the samee error when someone registers:

[pear_error: message="unable to set sender to [@]" code=0 mode=return level=notice prefix="" info=""]

mail setup is set to smtp when these errors occur, but setting it to mail it works fine. Strange SMTP was working with the last version of 1.3.8. The only reason I caught on was the fact that newly registered users never logged in.

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