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Backup problem solved - kinda

Dan Jones


Overall, this is a great OpenSource project. The problem I describe is minor.

I'm new to geeklog, fairly new to php, but a longtime sysadmin, so tell me if there's something wrong with my methods.

Short version:
Backup failed (0 byte) because mysqldump did not like the host parameter from config.php. Hardcoding -hlocalhost in database.php, in place of -h$_DB_host (from memory, I may be off), and a small edit in config.php fixes the problem, but in an inelegant way.

Long version:
Setup: geeklog 1.3.8-1sr4, mysql4.0.x, linux RHEL 3.0 AS, multiple mysql instances (mainly different versions 3.x, 4.0.x, 5.x). A 4.0.18 instance is used for geeklog.

So simple definition of the host as localhost does not cut it, as I have lots of mysql*.sock's.

I use $_DB_host = 'localhost:/tmp/mysql40.sock';

Everything works but backup, which fails with a 0 byte file (& folks, if you see 0 byte file there, it's not a permission problem, it was able to write that file..., please chmod -R 770, please)

So, I added the $command var to the error written to error.log, got the command that's being execd by geeklog. Ran the command from the command line and noted the error. mysqldump will not accept localhost:/tmp/mysql40.sock as a valid hostname.

A quick look at database.php, and I hardcoded as noted above, and added -S /tmp/mysql40.sock to $_CONF['mysqldump_options'], yes, I could have hardcoded that as well, but you have to leave something in the config filesWink, and everything works. But it's not REALLY fixed.

As noted elsewhere, backups are a job for cron, not forgetful humans, but in the off chance that a geeklog developer reads this, here's a couple of suggestions.

Option 1:
In the config.php file, have separate options for
-- hostname
-- port
-- socket
use these to build the required php connect strings
and the command string for external mysql programs
-hlocalhost -S/tmp/mysql40.sock
I like this solution the best.

Option 2:
Have one parameter in the config file for php use
and one for mysqldump
-h localhost -S /tmp/mysql40.sock
-h my.database.server -P 3306

Hope this is helpful.


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I posted the original message. I just set up an account in case anyone needs to contact me. Acct. is Dan


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This makes sense and thanks for the detail report. We can add this to our list of changes to make. I don't know if it can make it into 1.3.9 but certainly the next release.

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