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"Warning: implode(): Bad arguments."


Hi there this is my first post on the board, Ive done a search and I can't see anyone else has had this problem, I hope I've searched well enough.

Everytime a user other than myself (admin) tries to log in, they get this error:

Warning: implode(): Bad arguments. in /home/www/Rhotinth/blog/plugins/staticpages/functions.inc on line 377

my error log says this

Mon Mar 8 18:13:32 2004 - 1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'Wink) AND (perm_group >= 2)) OR (perm_members >= 2)) ORDER BY sp_id' at line 1. SQL in question: SELECT sp_id,sp_content,sp_title,sp_format,sp_php,sp_inblock FROM gl_staticpage WHERE (sp_centerblock = 1) AND (sp_where = 0) AND ((sp_tid = 'none'Wink OR (sp_tid = 'all'Wink) AND (((owner_id = '8'Wink AND (perm_owner >= 2)) OR ((group_id IN ()) AND (perm_group >= 2)) OR (perm_members >= 2)) ORDER BY sp_id

this is all a bit too much for me as a PHP noob, hope you can help.

thank you


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Make sure all your users are in both the "Logged-In" and the "All Users" groups.

It looks like they aren't in any group at all, but they have to be at least in those two groups.

bye, Dirk


I've still got all the default groups I haven't changed them at all and all my users are in those groups...I've tried dropping all my tables and starting fresh but I still get the same error Frown.

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