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First of all, I'd like to say I'm rather impressed with the work you guys are doing, and to top it off, GeekLog is free!?!

I'm the type of person that normally doesn't head for the forums looking for any help, but after a few hours of searching for possible solutions, I'm here!

I have 3 problems currently:

1.) When a user logs into GeekLog, they are sent to:
http://www.my-site.net/users.php and it displays an error
like "An SQL error has occurred. Please view error.log for details".

When viewing the error log, I am getting a similiar line to the following:

Text Formatted Code
Mon 16 Feb 2004 07:09:08 PM CST - 1054: Unknown column 'c598f34379a70ac2d8c128c59c96fb2f' in 'where clause'. SQL in question: SELECT *,format FROM gl_dateformats,gl_users,gl_userprefs WHERE gl_dateformats.dfid

I have searched for solutions to this but have only found earlier solutions that suggest turning off SQL error displays using "false" in various files. I have looked at the files and they seem to already be using false.

2.) When attempting to create stories as the "Admin" user, I am sent to the page http://www.my-site.net/admin/story.php?mode=edit and it displays a message similiar to "You are trying to access a story that you don't have rights to. This attempt has been logged. Please go back to the story administration screen."

I have file_uploads = on, and register_globals = on, both in my php.ini. I have also attempted to remove the "enctype" function from my theme's storyeditor.thtml but it does not help either.

3.) (More of a hrm..?) When I create static pages and use PHP to evaluate, I use a return much like the following:

Text Formatted Code
return "Data: $mydata->sample()";

Returning the data like this simply outputs the following into the appropriate table block;

Data: ()

When I display the variable by itself using;

Text Formatted Code
return $mydata->sample();

It displays the data appropriately inside the table.

Could you possibly tell me how I would go about issuing a return statement that would return the output (inside the table) "Data: data here"

(I think it's just my lack of PHP ability, but any help on that is much appreciated.)

Thanks for listening!

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An answer to number 3:

Text Formatted Code

return "Data: {$mydata->sample()}";
return "Data: " . $mydata->sample();


Both should work.



Thanks vinny!

I was also posting to see if anyone had any ideas for problem #1 & #2, thanks.

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