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I started my Geeklog site, Iowa Outdoors four years ago. It was based on Geeklog 1.1 and it was what got me coding for Geeklog thereafter. The site has grown with the Geeklog community and I have shattered my modest personal goal of having 25,000 page views a month to averaging well over 400,000 page views a month, 2.3GB of transfer a 36MB database and approaching 3500 users. Sad thing is, I'm not even close to the biggest one out there, see and If you follow the SCO stuff then undoubtedly you have noticed GROKLAW.

I guess my question is, do you have a big Geeklog site? If so, tell us about it.
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Hey Tony,

My site at is not too big and probably at the moment no match with yours respectively *but* I think it would be a really great idea to actually showcase these sites.

Honestly, I am quite proud of Geeklog, your support, your product and undoubtedly Dirk for his flawless commitment. I think you should have a showcase. Just my 2 cents.

Good luck!
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I get over 5000 unique IP's a month hitting my site. Not much but it has only been up a year and it is not about one specific topic. Topical sites always do better than site that have a broad topic range.

My site with all supporting files is 118.16 MB, I think most of that is the supporting files not the SQL DB.

I use over 3 gig of bandwidth a month however.

I am happy where it is right now but am looking forward to where it is going in the future.

Love GL thank you

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my site is for only a single group of people , and that is "Celestia - a 3d space sim" .
well my Unique visitors is small about 12-19 per day ,but the bandwith for jan. is 13.4 gig and the file holding the site is 3.5 gig

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I thought size did not matter???

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Lost Gaijin is my geeklog site and has been up 2 weeks. I have installed almost every feture there is. It kicks butt really. Not alot of traffic yet to speak of. Imagine though in the first week there were 70 user register. Last friday I had an issue with my site so had to flush out the user tables from the DB to restore my site and save all my data but it will grow again. My site is a Japan portal, got the classified ads, forums, news submissions, gallery blocks and member albums, Jounals, world of the day and a kick ass theme....also am allowing torrent gurus to post tarcker links in the forums and upload trackers through file mangmt for approval...

I have a blog running MT Its My Life and talk about traffic...hehehe 30,000 unique IP's a month, 750,000 hits a month, 150,000 page views a month, and its been up a year. Its just a blog...but hey guess its got something good going for how can I make money of it is the question....LOL

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Bandwidth log for my Geeklog site:

2004- Nov- 76,026 MB
2004- Dec- 5,316 MB

Since this is only for the first day of Dec we should post some even higher numbers for Dec. Nov was over 398,000 visitors.


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November Stats for my Iraq Site:

48,000 unique IPs
216,000 page views
8.79GB Transfered
32 GB Database

Not bad for something that just happened.

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Been up since 01, been running geeklog since 1/02.

Average hits 71,213 Month
Average Unique Visits 9,402 Month

Not many users, as its not really ment as a user interactive site.
and no, i still dont use an rdf feed


We have 157 users and have been using GL for 4 years now.

Great work!

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Are these all "one man shows" you are running? Any aspects you would like to add here:

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At we've got nearly 800 arts and music stories, over 700 events, and receive an average 1800 visitors a day during the arts festival season. we have about 700 users, but most visitors don't sign up, just browse.

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i am the new user in this site .But i think it so big in size and also better in the other field so i have
decide i will use this site mostly.