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Config Tool from Squatty.com

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I have just ran the config tool as designed by TomW, at squatty.com . I am confused about one thing in particular.

I said in the config that my geeklog directory is named FEYI.

It says after running the configuration, and I quote:

"On about line 37 of lib-common.php you will find:
require_once( '/path/to/geeklog/config.php' );
Change it to read:
require_once( 'D:/Apache/apache2/htdocs/feyiconfig.php' );"

What I find confusing is that there is no forward slash between the folder and the last filename in the above entry.

The last part says feyiconfig.php. Should that have been feyi/config.php?

I have been having problem finishing my install, and being a newbie, I am still learning. But can someone please educate me?

Could this be my problem?

Thank you all very much in advance.


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It sounds like you've most likely come across a typo. It's not rare. Try it out the way you've mentioned and add the "/" to the path. If it works settle with it until you hear the right answer. Otherwise experimenting is cool too Smile

Be good and good luck Smile
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Well, I'm not sure what you entered into the tool. If you enter the incorrect path to config.php then you the tool is no good....garbage in, garbage out. Get my point?

So, assuming your /path/to/config.php is: D:/Apache/apache2/htdocs/feyiola/ The following will apply:

The path to your config.php is: D:/Apache/apache2/htdocs/feyiola/

The path to the html directory is: D:/Apache/apache2/htdocs/feyiola/public_html/

The path to the system directory is: D:/Apache/apache2/htdocs/feyiola/system/

The path to the log directory is: D:/Apache/apache2/htdocs/feyiola/logs/

The path to the language directory is: D:/Apache/apache2/htdocs/feyiola/language/

The path to the backup directory is:

The path to the rdf_file directory is: D:/Apache/apache2/htdocs/feyiola/public_html/backend/

The theme path for your site is: D:/Apache/apache2/htdocs/feyiola/public_html/layout/

The layout path for your site is: D:/Apache/apache2/htdocs/feyiola/public_html/layout/$_CONF['theme']

***Where $_CONF['theme'] is the default theme you configure in cofig.php
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