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Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong here. I had just finished solving DNS issues on my LAN and finally was able to browse my webserver from another PC on the LAN. But I keep getting this ugly display. The links are working though. The only link not working well is picture.

I am almost there, so please take pity on me.

Can someone please educate me.

Thank you all in advance.



There is something wrong/missing with your theme files. try switching themes perhaps and see if it is still coming up "ugly". I know when I made some errors in the header.thtml file when I was making some changes, my site looked like that.

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it looks to me that you will have to increase chmod values to the pics ... linking should be fine
unless you have your public_html dir somewhere else than root of the site

i ussually do it that way

chmod -R 777 *
(here somewhere at least)
if it works i start to downgrade
first step is (allways) others = 0


if it stops working, change ...

i have seen server configs, that did't run if you didn't chmod pics to 770 or even 775 ...

happy, merry ... stuff ...