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Geeklog and Twiki?

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Hey folks,

Not sure where else to post this - seemed like the most appropriate forum.

I'd like to integrate Twiki into GL. All that is required is setting the REMOTE_USER variable for Twiki (and ensuring that GL users sign up with valid Twiki usernames, but i won't worry about that for now).

Any ideas how to do this? Tips? Pointers?

I've done something similar with twiki at work by integrating it into some of our custom software. I did this by making a Perl (Twiki is perl) wrapper in the CGI directory for twiki. I renamed all the Twiki CGIs to "name.orig" and then linked my wrapper to the original names. So any call to a Twiki CGI actually calls my wrapper. All my wrapper does is set REMOTE_USER (from headers handed to my website by the corporate web server) then call the original CGI.

There must be a way to do something similar to integrate Twiki and GL? The tough part will be that one is CGI driven and the other not, and one is PHP driven and the other perl driven.

If someone can give me some ideas, I'll go try it.

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Wow. That would be amazing. Twiki is my favorite wiki but it is really hard to install for average users unless you have root access.

I wish this integration could happen but I'm actually looking for a wiki to integrate with geeklog right now so I'll either end up going with the Ewiki plugin or just do a separate install of my new favorite, MediaWiki. The only thing MediaWiki doesn't have yet is a RSS feed but it does have email notification.
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Can somebody tell me why wikkis are so poor at supporting easy UPLOAD of images (not LINK to images) in an organized fashion like a Geeklog story, for example?

It's killing me because I'd like to pursue a documentation effort for GL but without images inline and a good indexing capability I'm lost.

Any thoughts?

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Have you tried MoinMoin? It allows attachments of all types, including images.

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