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Can Geeklog make posts friends-only specific to certain groups?


I'm interested in using geeklog for a blog. However, I would like to know if geeklog has the following features that I can use:-

To ensure privacy for some personal entries of mine, I would like to create a username and password for each of my friends who will be able to login to view these entries. However, their usage of my website is restricted to just posting comments and viewing my entries. As for the rest of my entries, they would be public. Is this possible? Is there a way to disable registrations? Or to make certain posts "friends-only" - a little like Livejournal in which I can group friends into specific groups i.e. a group for high school pals, and another group for college friends, and one for family, etc? In this way, I can write certain posts specifically for my high school pals and another post specifically for famil, and so on.

Hope someone can help me out in this! Thanks!

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I think you will find Geeklog supports all those requirements.

  • You can disable registration - config.php option
  • You can restrict topic areas to only certain groups (Read and write access). You would just have to setup the group and then add your site members to that group.
  • New stories submitted to these groups would still need to be approved by the topic editor
  • You can also setup a member as a topic editor and topic editor's post directly
  • Its not possible to moderate comments but only allowable members can access restricted topic areas

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